We have a strong sense of building a community in Romania. For us biking is a culture and a lifestyle most of all.


Ace-Custom was born out of the passion for the 2 wheeled dreams and out of the wish of giving more to the community here.


Every bike should have a story and every single bike owner has his unique personality that should match his ride and that is what we do best.


At Ace Custom we value the sense of a family type of business. All of our buyers become members.

Our story

Ace Custom is the place where dreams on two wheels come to life!

Our goal at Ace Custom is to turn your dreams into reality!

Ace Custom is for owner Andi Ceuca a dream that came to life: His father was a motorcycle enthusiast and he grew up with those stories owning his first bike at 14 years old.

Ace Custom came to life in 2014, until then Andi tune’ing only bikes that he owned or bikes of his close friends. Until now under Ace Custom they have fine tuned over 300 bikes, and now in the store they have more than 20 under tuning. 

Depending on the project tuning can take between 3 days to 6 months and most of the bikes they have worked on have been Harley Davidson. 

Most of the time the inspiration comes from the desires and the personality of the client, then we adapt the parts after the dimensions and his requirements while enhancing the design & performance. For us it's really important that the final product identifies with the personality of the rider. The most expensive bike at Ace Custom is based on a Harley Breakeout Pro Street 2016 and can already be admired on the streets of Romania. Acest proiect a avut un buget de aproximativ 100.000 euro. Upon finishing it this was the first bike of its kind in Romania and the 6th in the world.

 Bulevardul Expoziției Nr. 22-30,   București


+4 0784 888 000


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